Like humans, pets require routine care to maintain their good health. Nothing is more critical than regular wellness care to ensure subtle disease does not go undetected and protect your pet from the many preventable illnesses. The team at Greenwich Veterinary Center wants to share how wellness care protects your furry friend.

What happens during my pet’s wellness exam?

During your pet’s wellness visit, our veterinarian will perform a nose-to-tail physical exam and discuss any abnormalities or behavior changes you may have noticed. Subtle changes in your pet’s lifestyle, attitude, activity, or appetite can indicate a hidden problem that can become serious without diagnosis and treatment. A thorough physical exam can uncover changes in heart rate and rhythm, respiratory issues, skin and hair coat changes, abnormalities in organ shape and size, and eye, ear, or dental problems that you may not have noticed. 

Why is routine diagnostic testing important for my pet’s health?

In addition to a thorough physical exam, routine diagnostic testing is a vital part of your pet’s overall wellness care. Diagnostic tests, such as blood work, X-rays, urinalysis, and fecal exams, allow us to look more closely at your four-legged friend’s health status. Routine testing also provides a baseline of your pet’s normal values, so we can monitor patterns and changes over the years, leading to earlier diagnosis and easier treatment. 

How does wellness care prevent disease in my pet?

In addition to detecting hidden issues, we work to prevent disease in your pet through routine wellness care. Vaccinations, parasite prevention, diet recommendations, behavior adjustments, and at-home dental care advice are a few of the wellness services we offer that are designed to help your furry pal live their best life by avoiding or mitigating future health issues. 

As the adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Request an appointment for a wellness exam to ensure your best friend is in tip-top shape.