Chester is a 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who came in because his owners noticed that his breath was very bad. When he came in on exam there was a noticeable odor coming from his mouth. Looking inside Chester’s oral cavity it was obvious that Chester had significant dental disease, this included large amounts of tartar and gum inflammation known as gingivitis. It was recommended to follow through with a dental cleaning. Due to the extent of Chester’s dental disease, the procedure took longer than average. It was recommended that Chester’s owner try brushing his teeth routinely and follow up with routine dental cleanings to help prevent his teeth from becoming this severe again.

Dental disease is very common in our pets. A large percent actually have some form of dental disease by the age of one. Some breeds, like some people, are more prone to getting more severe dental disease than others. Routine cleanings and oral care can help decrease the time required to clean which in turn decrease risks of any complications associated with doing the procedures. Oral care at home includes routine brushing, dental chews, diets, and water additives. All these oral products can be helpful with oral hygiene in our pets. Regardless of all precautions taken many pets still require thorough cleaning on a routine basis. Be sure to regularly check your pet’s mouth for redness of the gums, tartar or bad breath. These are all signs that your pet may need a dental cleaning.